Sunday, June 11, 2017

Beep. Beep. . .

. . .make room for Lexi and Lulu. They are not following the speed limit and I'm not going to stand in their way!

This month Kraftin' Kimmie asked me to work up these fun little images and I have to say. . . I am with these girls. Throw caution to the wind and let's RIDE!
So. . .make way for

Lexi & Lulu's Wheels!

These two amazing examples are super gorgeous! Every time I see these amazing cards, it makes me want to take up card making. . . .if only I had the room!
Aren't they stunning!

There are lots of other fabulous card examples as well as some other awesome and fun designs from Kimmie's other talented artists. So, be sure to check them out as well.

So. . . .until next time. . . .happy coloring!

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