Thursday, July 25, 2013

Show Me Thursday #126

Do you realize that in less than two weeks, we will be into August!  WOW!  This summer really has flown by and you know, I haven't gone once to get a pedicure!  I so need to do that.  If not just for the foot rub.  That's my favorite part!
I hope that you have had a fabulous summer, heat and all!  But, I have to tell you, I'm really looking forward to the cooler temps and the changing of the leaves.  How about you!?

Well. . .enough about that, it's time to move on to the fun part!  Who are the winners for the SMT #125  fun for the last two weeks?  Well those two lucky winners are. . . . .
Congratulations ladies!!!!  Just drop me an quick email and I'll get your free image sent right out to you.
I certainly hope that you'll have time to play along again in the next couple of weeks.  I so enjoyed your posts and photos!!!  They were fabulous!

I have been REALLY busy this past week and I haven't had much time to do anything other than what I really need to do.  That and work on a couple of special projects.  One of which is a surprise. . .so this is my SMT photo for this week. A BIG FAT question mark!  I know, it's mean!  But I can't show you just yet.  Any guesses as to what this surprise may be?

Now, it's your turn!  And as sad as my SMT was, you still need to show me what YOU are working on.  LOL
I can't wait to see what you're going to share with us.  And remember. . .for you newbies, it doesn't have to be anything crafty.  It can be whatever you're working on.  You'll have until 5 PM EST, August 7th to link up your blog and photos to be entered in the drawing for the free image giveaway.  There will be two winners, one for each week and yes, you may enter twice.  
So . . . get busy. . .we can't wait to see.  Don't you hear our toe tapping?  
See you in two weeks.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Get busy. . . .HOPPING!

***If you're looking for the SMT fun, scroll down one post, or click HERE**
 My oh my, can you believe we are back for another hop with the Krafty girls.  My, how time does fly! I don't think I've ever really said how much I enjoy working with Kimmie each month and her visions and putting together these images for her as well as you! So, I'm saying it now.
And this month was no different. This time Kimmie asked me to do 'all about sports/athletics' and I REALLY had a great time putting these little gals and fellas into motion.  Check out the two fun sets.  One for girls and of course, on for the boys.

I couldn't decide which one to color up, but it had been a long week and I was ready to kick some butt, so I decided to color up Karate Lulu!  Ain't she sweet.  You don't want to mess with her!

And here are just two amazing cards that two of her DT members did using that same image. . . .

Card created by Tracy Valure

Card created by Jessie Rone

Now, all that's left for you to do is to get hopping over to the rest of these fine ladies blogs and leave them some love.  Make sure you do. . .as you'll be entered in a drawing to win one of these wonderful rubber stamps set.  So. . .get moving.  What are you waiting for!  Happy Hopping!!!!  See ya next month!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Show Me #125

I hope that all of you celebrating had a fantastic 4th!  I did.  It was super relaxing and over the top fun!  I can't believe that we are already past the half way mark of summer.  It's now time to start thinking about school supplies ( not me) but all of you with kids will soon be figuring that out.  I know one lady on my PCP group who is already making her master list.  Cracks me up.  I did that with just one kid, so I wouldn't even know where to start with more than one and with them all being different ages.  I admire her.  LOVE ME some organization though and that would, without a doubt be me.  I try to be on top of things, but that isn't always the case!

Now. . . .on to the fun part!  Who are the winners for the SMT fun for the last two weeks?  Well those two lucky winners are. . . . .
Congratulations ladies!!!!  Just drop me an quick email and I'll get your free image sent right out to you.
Did you all get a chance to check out their posts.  Make sure to pop over, if you didn't.  They are worth the click.

Can't wait to see what you have to show us over the next couple of weeks.

Since I was at my sisters for the 4th, I thought I would do a little something different and share some photos of our fun day.
This is my sisters house all decorated up for the 4th!  GORGEOUS, inside and out.  She loves COUNTRY and antiques, so you can just imagine what it's like inside.  I could do a YEARS worth of SMT photos just sharing.  It is also a very special house as my dad laid the brick.  

Here is my sweet little great niece diva Maria trying out the skateboard that Zach gave them.  She's being safe. . . .

My great nephew Anthony, on the other hand is a little more adventurous.  All boy, for sure.
Notice the 'pick-up' trucks in the background.. . .yep, I'm back in 'country boy' land.  :)

There was a break for some fun bubble blowing.  Just look at those lips.  Ain't she a doll.

Late in the evening, we had a nice rain shower.  I think the 'rain dance' was an after thought.  Shirley . . .that is part of Afton Mountain that you see in the background.

Now, this photo was from about a month before the 4th.  This was taken at my sisters house, yes, my dad bricked the walkway too, before my niece, Michaela's graduation.  I LOVE this photo, and now have it as my screen saver on my phone. My sister with her 4 beautiful girls.

Since I'm done, you need to show what you're working on. . ..doing!  Since the SMT post is for two weeks, you may enter twice. Once for each week.  Can't wait to see!
Happy Thursday. . .and
  Happy Half way through summer!!!!!!!!!!!!
See you in two weeks.

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