Thursday, November 29, 2012

Show Me #102

Hello my sassy friends!  I certainly hope that each of you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and a fabulous weekend!  Can you believe that we are less than a month away from Christmas!  Goodness!  How time does fly!  Has everyone started decorating and getting ready?  Well, I have to admit, that I have sent out a few of my Christmas cards.  Yep. . . .I'm getting a jump on things.  Yippeee!  First time in a LONG time......

Well, let's move on to the fun!  Thanks to everyone who played along in last weeks SMThursday fun!  Lots of great projects, cards and lovely photos!  Everyone has been busy, busy, busy and I know it will stay like that until after the new year, I'm sure.
So. . .who was the lucky winner of the FREE image this week?  That was. . . .
Congratulations girl. . . .Man, you've been winning a lot lately!  How fun is that!
Did you all see her adorable and creative Christmas Ornament.  It's wonderful!!  It actually gave me an idea for making some simple Christmas gifts for family!  Thanks girl!
I'll get your account credited this morning.

Well, I've been under the weather this past week.  Cold/flu for the second time so far.  UGH!  I HATE being sick because I just don't like laying around unless I'm watching a movie.  hehehe.  Feeling much better, but still taking it easy.  I hope that all of you are staying well and if you're feeling under the weather as well, you are on the mend soon.
I did work on a little something yesterday afternoon while I was getting familiar with my new sofa.  Didn't want to give you too much of a peek, but here he is.  I'm sure you can figure out WHO it is, but I bet you'll never guess what he is doing.  :)  I know, I know, it isn't much to go on. . .but you just have to settle for what you get.  LOL

And now it's your turn.  What are you doing this week?  We want to get nosey and peek into your life!  It's lots of fun and it's for a chance to win a FREE image from the Sassy Cheryl's Digis shop.  Just link up your photo or blog post before 5 PM EST, Wednesday, December 5th., to be entered in the random drawing.  Come on. . .you know you want to!
Have a fabulous day. . .and HAPPY THURSDAY!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

SHOW ME #101

HIP, HIP HOORAY. . . .it's
Are you ready?  Well, if you're not, I hope you're going to someone else's house to eat.  LOL  I'm as ready as I'll ever be.  We had my family Thanksgiving this past Saturday at my sisters house.  I think I gained a few pounds while I was there, especially after the pecan pie!  And on top of that, I came home with lots of goodies. Mind you, I'm not complaining.  I LOVE me some leftovers!  Especially from my mom and sister.  Yum!  Yum!

Well, enough about that!  I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who took the time to play along in last weeks SMThursday fun!  You all certainly have been busy. . . that's for sure.
Who was the lucky winner of the $10 gift certificate to the Sassy Cheryl's Shop?  I'm sure that's what you're wondering, right?  Well that was. . . .drum roll please!
Debbie S.
Did you all see her quill projects?  ADORABLE!  You have to check them out!!!

Congratulations girl!  Just drop me an email and I'll make sure I get your account credited so that you can do some shopping!  And with the 30% OFF sale, you'll make that $10 go even further.
Have fun shopping!

Well, I have been really busy this week. Lots of deadlines, on the hunt for stuff for my apartment, visiting family, errands. . . .you get the idea.  But somewhere in there, I did find time to widdle out a couple of new images. . .and here is one that will be in the shop soon.  Almost done.  I think!?  Not sure if I'm liking it and this is the 2nd time that I've colored her.  Whatcha think?
We shall see.  Look for her in some shape or form in the shop soon.

I know that a lot of you are going to be terribly busy this week, but I hope you'll find the time to play along with us nosey folks.  Pretty please.  And for you new comers, you don't have to share anything Sassy Cheryl related or even crafty.  It can be whatever you have going on.  Just something that you can show us.  And we REALLY would like to see.
You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, November 28th to link up your blog or photo to be entered in the random drawing for the FREE image.  
So. . . . .come play along and for those who are celebrating. . . 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Release day and a HOP!

~~If you're looking for the SMThursday fun, scroll down one post or click here~~

What in the world!  Is it time for another Kraftin Kimmie release day already?!?!?!?!?  Just think. . . .next month at this time, Thanksgiving will be over and we'll be staring Christmas right in the face!  Phew!  Time sure does fly, doesn't it.
Well. . . .enough about that!  Have you been following the previews this week that Kraftin Kimmie's amazing DT have been sharing. WoW!  Totally blown away!  You are going to LOVE all the amazing new stamps that Kimmie's artists have created for this months release.  But don't take my word for it. . . .just pop on over the Kraftin' Kimmie Shop and check them all out.  I tell you what!  I have been very fortunate to be working with the ever so sweet Kimmie for quite a while now, but I have to tell you. . . .I LOVE ALL of the artists that she has creating for her.  They are SUPER talented and I am honored to be among the mix.

I say this every time. . . .but since I don't create cards and I SO wish I did, I have colored up the sweet little World Traveler Lexi for you this week.  She is super sweet and oh so fun!

Be sure to check out both sets as there is a wonderful little 'verse' set as well.  The KK design team make my designs look so amazing, don't you think!  WOW!  I Love them all, but this verse speaks to me on a daily basis and I just wanted to share this card that was created by Cheryl Valadez. Gorgeous, isn't it!!!!!

So, be sure to check out ALL of the amazing new stamps and be sure to pop around and leave everyone a little love as if you do, you'll be entered to win one of new sets.  Can't go wrong there.  
Have a fabulous Sunday. . . .and we'll be seeing you next time.
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Show Me #100!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope that you are having a fabulous week.   Can you believe that we have hit our
That's incredible!  I can't believe it.  Where has the time gone?  I have a blast each and every week and although I do enjoy the card challenge, I have to say, this is one of my favorite challenges.  If you wan to call it that.
First off, I'd like to say a BIG FAT THANK YOU to everyone past and present who have taken out the time to play along each week.  I know that it takes work and as much as I hate blogging, I really appreciate that you all take time out of your week to play.  So thank you!  Can't wait until we hit 200!  Man. . . .we're getting old, aren't we.

So this week, I'm going to do something different for the prize!  Instead of a FREE image, I will be giving a $10 Gift Certificate to this weeks winner!!!  Sound good?  I hope so!

With that said, let's get to last weeks winner.  The lucky winner of the FREE image to the Sassy Cheryl's Digis shop is. . . .
Did you all see her lovely set of cards?  They were all wonderful, but this one was my favorite.
CONGRATULATIONS Keti.  Just drop me an email and I'll get that Free image right to you.  Thanks for playing along and I hope to see you again this week.

And this is a new little snowman that I'm almost done with.  He should be hitting the shop really soon!  I love me some snowmen . . . .and I know many of you do as well, so I thought that I'd do a super happy and fun one.  Whatcha think?

So, what are you working on this week?  As always. . .we can't wait to see. Come play along with us.
You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, November 21st, to link up your blog or photo to be entered in the random drawing for the $10 Gift Certificate to the Sassy Cheryl's Digis shop.
I promise, you'll have a blast!
Happy Thursday!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Show ME #99

Hello my sassy friends. . . .I hope you're having a fantastic week.  It's been super cold here in Virginia and I'm looking forward to the weekend.  Suppose to be around 70° on Sunday!  Can I just tell you that I am looking forward to that!  I don't react well to cold weather and the older I get. . .the worse it seems to be.  It seems that I can never get warm from November to March!  Might have to think about retiring somewhere warmer.  UGH!  I know, I know, it's fall/winter, but good grief.
So, are you ready for some more fun this week!  I know I am. The posts last week were wonderful!  I'm sure I've told you. . .but I always did enjoy 'Show and Tell' when I was a kid.  :)  Come on, admit it.  You did too!

Well, who was that lucky winner of the free image from the Sassy Cheryl's Digis shop?  That was my sweet friend. . . . . .
I swear it wasn't rigged! It was a random drawing!  I promise!
That's two weeks in a row!  Girl. . . . You should play the lottery!  And share with me!  Did you all see her post about making the cloud(s) template.  You should definitely check it out!  Fun and very informative.
Shirley, I will credit your account this morning.  I'm sure you'll find something in the shop to purchase.

And what am I working on you ask?  Well, the last couple of weeks, I've been lazy.  Well, what I'd consider lazy. . . .but I FINALLY have something in the way of a drawing to share with you this week.  Now. . . .keep in mind, this was what I started with.  I have since 'changed' it up a little.  He will be available in the store by weekend, so keep an eye out.  You all know how I LOVE ME some snowmen.  So this little guy will be the first to make his appearance.  What do you think?

I hope that you'll join in the fun this week.  As one of the 'frequent' posters stated, it's a 'no pressure' post and great fun!  Just link up your blog or photo by 5 PM EST, Wednesday, November 14th to be entered in the random drawing for the free image give away.  It's tons of fun!  Won't you join us!
Happy Picture taking!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Show Me #98

Hope you're having a good week!  We got off luckily with Hurricane Sandy coming through.  The lights flickered a few times, but other than the gusts of wind and rain, we were fine.  I would like to say that for those of you that have been impacted by the storm, please know that I am praying for you!

So, did you all have fun last week, being nosey and looking over the shoulders of the ladies to see what they were working on?  I know I did.  Such fabulous projects, cards and photos.  Loved them all!
Thank you to all who entered!  We had a blast and hope that you'll play along again this week.

Now on to the fun part.  Who was the lucky winner of the SMT #97 and the recipient of a digi image from the Sassy Cheryl's Digis shop?
Well, that was none other than my good and oh so SASSY friend
Congrats girl!  You all have got to go over and check out all of the other fun photos.  Not just this one.  For those of you that frequent my PCP group, you'll know what this photo is all about.
Shirley, I think I know your email address, so I'll credit your account this morning.

Well, with all the weather issues, trying to get ready, having a neck/headache I didn't get a lot of new stuff done this week.  So I'm cheating, being lazy, whatever you want to call it.  But it's my blog and my Show Me Thursday, so I'm allowed!  hehehehe.

This is the first part of my lazy post.  I did create one new image this week that was on the top of my request list since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, so I worked on finishing that up.  Bandit, the new addition to my family was warming himself under the lamp as I was trying to work. What a doll. . . .but he was blocking my light, darn it.  I did get it done. . . and it's in the shop now. . . .

And here is the 2nd part of my lazy post.  Since I didn't create anything new, except for what is already in the shop, I'll share with you a little something else.  My studio.  Well kind of. It's from the new blog that I started, so you get a 'two-fer' on this one.  It may not be what you're looking for, but daggone it. . . .it's all I got, so enjoy it anyway. LOL  Just click on the photo below to check it out.  
So, what are you doing this week?  We'd all love to see.  You are going to show us, right?It's so much fun to join in and be nosey.  And you could win a FREE image from the Sassy Cheryl's Digis shop, just for playing along.  You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, November 7th to link up your photo or blog to be entered in the random drawing.  Won't you share?  Come on. . .you know you want to!
Happy coloring!

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